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Poly Bag


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Recycle Poly Benefits: Reduces pollution around ecosystems, Consumes less energy and protects natural resources, Promotion of sustainable living, Reducing the waste, Reduction in greenhouse gas emissions, It saves energy

Biodegradable Poly Benefits: Saves Non-renewable Sources of Energy, Reduces Carbon Emission, Consumes Less Energy, Provides an Eco-Friendly Solution, Non-Toxic, Brand Friendly

Anti-Mold Poly Benefits: Easy to manufacture, Non-staining – no discoloration of finished products, Provides protection for the lifetime of the product if the packaging stored in extra moisture free environment, Anti Mold Polybags, Helps to prevent mold/bacteria developing on your product. Mostly good for garments and shoe

  • Project: Poly Bag
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    PE Poly, PP Poly, Recycle Poly, BOPP Poly, 100% Biodegradable Poly, HDPE Poly

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